Lampe 3d

IL Y A LA COUPE, a hair salon in La Prairie, Quebec, will soon be home to an impressively large light fixture attached to its ceiling – created through the use of 3D printing. The metal frame that was originally there now serves as the base for the new fixture, which contains LED lights so as to not damage or warp the plastic fixture. This new fixture spans 1.5 meters in length (5 ft) and 3.3 meters in width (11ft), and is being supported by a 2.1 meter pole (7ft). It is comprised of around 450 oblique pyramids, many of which are unique and all of which were 3D printed.

The light fixture’s interesting design was heavily inspired by origami, an art that involves folding paper to create designs that are uniquely angular and pointed. This is evident when looking at the light fixture, which features noticeable points at every edge to create an intricate and special look. Due to the massive number of pyramids that were used in the fixture some of them have repeated designs, mainly around the center of the fixture. However, many more of them, notable around the shorter edges, are wholly unique from each other.

The original concept came from a collaboration between Alain Rouillier, the proprietor of the hair salon, Denis Hubencu, an intern at Lezar3D, and Robert Gagnon, the proprietor of the 3D printing store that handled the models. Hubencu was also responsible for refining the original concept as well as forming the 3D models for each pyramid. Lezar3D, a shop in Montreal, Quebec, was entirely responsible for printing the pieces (using MakerBot printers and PLA plastic) that would be used to create the light fixture. The entire project took over three months to complete, much of which was spent printing the pieces; the time it took to print them individually ranged from four hours to twelve hours.

The light fixture is set to premier on Wednesday the 27th of December, and anyone who wishes to see it is invited.