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Developing the Product and the Prototype

Our services for assisting with conceptualizing are ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and inventors.

Why create a prototype? Prototyping has multiple advantages.

One of the most common reasons is to confirm your concept. Your first test models will let you create modifications and progress rapidly towards better solutions before continuing towards production.

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Accessories for marketing and films

In marketing, a physical object is an excellent way of driving interaction. It is an excellent marketing strategy for spreading the word about the product and gauging the interest of the public. With this medium, you can connect with people through a visual and tactile means, letting them personally experience the sensations.

Numerous companies use 3D printing as accompaniments for publicity, whether that involves making a trophy from the emblem of their franchise, a cosplay from one of their video game, a small-scale model from their last vehicle design, or any number of other items. Take a look at the different projects that we have worked on under the section “Our Projects”.

The Monorail

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3D Printing Service

Prototyping, architectural modelling, 3D cosplay, figurines, custom objects, and personalized creations are all encompassed in the projects that have been completed for people within Montreal and all around Quebec.

For 3D printing, the most common materials are PLA and Onyx (which we are privileged to have), reinforced with carbon, Kevlar, glass fibre, and more. We also offer services for the finishing touches, handcrafted moulding, and thermoforming.

Provide us with a .stl or .obj file created with CAD software or another 3D modelling program. Consult the resource section to learn about programs that you can use.

To obtain more specific information about the properties of the materials, let us be involved in your project and we’ll be able to help you.

Le Maquette Terrain


  • Introductory class in 3D printing
  • Meshmisxer and 3D printing related workshop
  • 3D drawing for beginner
  • 3D printing Workshop for youth (10 -17 y.o.)
  • Custom workshop and special group on request



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