Our services for assisting with conceptualizing are ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and inventors.

Why create a prototype? Prototyping has multiple advantages.

One of the most common reasons is to confirm your concept. Your first test models will let you create modifications and progress rapidly towards better solutions before continuing towards production.

Also, prototypes are an excellent tool for marketing and for testing your product in from of potential clients, friends, and anyone else who can help evolve your idea. You will able to gauge their interest towards your product, maximise the information towards your target audience, establish an estimate for a price and even sell it in advance.

While presenting in front of investors or in the middle of a pitch, the steps you took during the prototyping demonstrates that you have developed concrete research and that you are dedicated. These investors are looking for people who take action.

Pellan Projet

That’s not all: this chapter of your undertaking shows your motivation to innovate, to push forward, and to definitely prove your leadership. You will be able to attract talented people and strengthen your team. People give a lot of importance to a project with some goal that’s relevant to them. Renderings and photos are certainly important tools for your presentations, but they do not have the same impact as a physical object that’s so close to reality.

The Lezar3D team collaborates with your project. So that we can be involved in the development of your product, we need to have as much information as possible regarding the physical specifications of the model that we are going to create, its location, its measurements, and, if possible, what it will be used for. After our first meeting, we will be able to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

You can download it and fill it up here. We will fill it up during our meeting (for security reasons, you must write down the e-mail address you will use for downloading).

imprimation 3D services

Our first meeting will last about 30 to 45 minutes, without any cost, and will take place as follows:

  • You will present a summary of your project to us, which lets us understand the amount of work that’s required. If possible, we will attempt to create a rough estimate, and you will be able to judge if this works with the investment you want to dedicate to your project.
  • If you decide to move forward with the project, we will send you an estimate by e-mail for you to approve. It lists a certain number of details and is based on the information that you have provided us. Any changes will result in overtime work on your project and, at the same time, additional costs. Therefore, the more detail you can provide, the more we’ll be able to complete the project.
  • Sometimes, it’s inevitable that changes to a project will be made, which the prototype helps illustrate. The hundreds of dollars that you’ll invest in your prototype will likely save you thousands of dollars during the production phase. The closer it is the final product, the closer you’ll be to finding all sorts of people who are interested in it.
Lampe 3D

We will show you our 3D designs for the model before creating it through 3D printers, molding, or our other techniques. This gives you an initial opportunity to approve the direction that your idea is heading towards. It will be easier for you to rectify anything before moving on to the next step. If we need to add more time due to the changes, we will inform you about the additional costs, and you can decide whether or not you want to continue with the changes.

We will help you with brainstorming, sharing our ideas and lending our combined expertise to you. You are in charge of your project, and you have the solution to the needs that you want to satisfy.

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